How can you tell procrastination and planning apart?

I feel, sometimes I just need a bit more time and when I "procrastinate", I am actually just trying to come up with a better plan... I've learnt not to rush things - one of the hardest lessons in my life! I've also realised, all you need to do is to make your mind up! Once you know what you want and you are set on it, the universe will do its trick and will deliver it with due course of time. The problem is if a) you don't know what you want (or you only know what you "don't want" - that's the worse case scenario) or b) you are not ready yet (in which particular case, you do need to wait till you grow "into" your dreams!)

On the other hand, if you DO KNOW what you want and  you are just afraid to take the necessary steps, you are doing it wrong. If it needs to be, it will be - sooner or later, the day WILL come! No need to hesitate, you really just need to take the leap of faith and then sit back and watch! It's not your job to do the planning!

If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.

You can only "delay" your destiny until a certain point. Until then you will keep getting ready for it - whether you realise or not: you will learn the new skills (you may not even know you'd need in order to achieve your goal), you will meet the right people and get detached from the ones that are not good for you, etc...It is all part of the process! Then that tomorrow will just come one day...

According to Einstein, time is "relative" and "flexible" - it is technically just an "illusion"! That's why you need to live your life today in order to create the best possible tomorrows you can have! You just need the courage to do so! 

Is your life too boring for you? CHANGE IT!
Tired of the place where you live? MOVE OR TRAVEL!
Hate your job? CHANGE YOUR CAREER!
Fed up with the people around you? LEAVE THEM!
Sick of being in a relationship you know not good for you? END IT!

...and the rest will just come! The strangest thing is, that when you think your life is falling apart, it may be just the universe "sorting you out". Once you decide on what YOU really want, you will finally move out of the way of this "higher power" and your journey can begin!  So, take all the chances today and start creating your own tomorrow NOW!

Published by Kati(e) Mesfy