Study in your early twenties, travel, get a job with a hefty salary by twenty two, engaged by twenty three and a half, married at twenty five, get a mortgage, and pregnant at twenty six. Sound familiar? 

I'm still in the 'study and travel' stage, and even now I feel the pressure building. Society has created this template of what everyone's lives should look like. A formula for happiness, if you will. I'm here to say that I don't believe that society should have a template at all, and that the idea that an age is written beside each life mile stone is absurd. It puts so much pressure on everyone, and it's incredibly unnecessary. 

I've seen unhappy people that have followed 'the formula' and I've seen happy people that have chosen their own path instead. My beautiful sister is engaged with a two month old baby at twenty two, and I've never seen her happier. One of my best friends had her first baby at thirty and that really worked for her, too. People are breaking the mold every day, and so they should. People should be creating the path to their own happiness, whatever that may be. You want to get married young? Great! You want to study at thirty five? Good on you! You want to wait to have kids? Awesome! This isn't to shame people that happen to do all of these things in their twenties, either. I just believe that life should be all about choice.

This social construct that dictates how people's lives play out should be abolished. Having kids and getting married are huge decisions that should be personal and done only when they're right for you, not when society says. 

So at your next family dinner when your aunty ask when you're getting married, throw her off by saying, 'whenever I feel it's right for me.'

Published by Kahlia Tipping