When you are thinking about mounting your television on the wall, you have two main options: you can choose to have a fixed wall mount for your TV, or you can have a wall mount which can be tilted. These two options each come with different merits, but the tilted wall mount comes out on top every time. If you still can't decide whether to opt for a fixed wall mount or a tilted wall mount for your television, here are the top reasons why tilted TV wall mounts are better than fixed TV wall mounts.

The advantages of wall-mounting your TV

You may already know that there are some advantages to hanging or mounting your TV on the wall. First, you can save a lot of space. When you attach your TV to the wall, you don't have to worry about it taking up prime space in your living room or bedroom. With a wall-mounted television, you don't have to purchase a stand or other furniture on which to place your TV. With this, you can easily move around, and your room will have a less cluttered and airier look. More homeowners are choosing to mount their Tv on the wall for this simple reason alone, and if space is precious to you, you should do the same. But going back to our previous question: why are tilted wall mounts better than fixed wall mounts?

It gives you more flexibility

If you opt for a tilted TV wall mount, you gain the advantage of better flexibility. You can quickly adjust the angle of the TV so that you can view your television in a much better way, even if your TV is in the room's corner or high up on the wall. Your experience when viewing your television will be much more comfortable, and you won't end up straining your neck and eyes. You can easily adjust the screen angle according to the tilt you want wherever you are in the room.

You have better options for placement

When you choose to have a tilted TV wall mount, you have better options for the actual placement of your television. You are not limited to placing your TV straight ahead in front of you on the wall – you can set it at a higher angle, especially if you have other furniture or décor (such as bookshelves or artwork) in the way. You can choose to install your television higher on the wall and then tilt it downwards so that you can comfortably view the screen. Also, the angle or tilt of the television can affect the brightness or even accuracy of your TV screen's colors, especially if you have an LED TV. Furthermore, with a tilted TV wall mount, you can adjust your TV's angle, so you don't have to worry about glare from artificial lights or sunlight affecting your view of the screen.

Easier handling

When your TV is mounted using a tilting wall mount, it is also more accessible and more convenient to check cables or wires behind your television (and replace them when necessary) since you can tilt the television while checking the area behind it.




Published by silv Watson