If you are reading this and have no idea what the general formula of a fairy tale is, allow me to explain: a princess is in some type of dilemma and eventually gets swept off of her feet by her knight in shining armor or her "prince charming". The princess finds healing, hope, restoration, and unconditional love in her prince. They become completely devoted to one another and live (you guessed it) happily ever after.

There are a lot of problems with these everyday fairy tales we all grew up seeing in movies or reading in books. One, they can cause young girls to set high, unachievable expectations that their "prince charmings" are supposed to be able to fulfill, only for the young girls to become disappointed and even hurt later on in life because no boy can achieve these standards. Two, it causes people--both boy and girl alike--to search for healing, salvation, restoration, and hope in another person when, in reality, only God can heal you, set you free, and save you. He's the one who should have your whole heart--not some boy or girl. 

I used to be consumed by fantasy worlds. I devoured novel after novel where the princess or the heroine went through trial after trial with her hero or prince. The protagonists would always come to discover that their love for each other was the only thing that could save them and could heal them. When I was younger, I was deceived into believing that finding my ideal prince charming could save me and make everything better, so I searched for and wanted him instead of God. As I grew older, I realized that I could never find the healing and the genuine, unconditional, and everlasting love that I needed in another human. As expected, I was disappointed after finding out that the prince charming I imagined didn't exist in a person. Through other various circumstances that arose as time moved on, I became even more hurt and didn't know how to get rid of the pain that just seemed to multiply and amplify as my life progressed. The world offered me other things to try to make it all better. Desperate to make the pain go away, I turned to the world's suggestions: alcohol, sex, even self-harm. However, none of those cured me or made me the slightest bit better; they just made me forget about the symptoms for a second. 

Not everyone has the same story I do. A lot of things I did when I lived in the world were out of sheer desperation to forget about the depression that used to grip me so tightly--even if it was just forgetting for a moment. Others may do it because they think they enjoy the temporary euphoria something offers. While still others may do it simply because the people they spend time with do it, too. Regardless of the reason, the outcome is still the same. Everything this world can give you is all temporary and can never fully provide you with what you desire and what you need. If you are walking around with a broken heart or feel trapped by stress, society, obligations, or anything; the world cannot help you. A prince charming or a damsel in distress cannot fix it. The best that they could possibly do is help you forget about it for only a moment. 

Fairy tales cause us to want to look at the world around us for solutions and happiness, but what we need can only be given to us by the unseen, living God. Fairy tales try to tell you that another human being can make you whole, but that is a lie. Only God has the answers you need, and only He can make you whole. He can heal you of anything and everything that is hurting you. He is the only one who can give you permanent solutions that actually work and leave you better off, happier, and more at peace than you were before. God made you and loves you so much. He wants nothing but the best for you and  to give you a life that is more amazing than you could ever imagine in even your wildest dreams. If you're still looking for your prince charming or your perfect princess, but you don't know the Prince of Peace yet; I would highly recommend getting to know that Prince first. He can actually give you everything that the fairy tales promised: unconditional love, healing, hope, joy, prosperity, and even your happily ever after.

Published by Amber Oglesby