Co-Authored with my husband Lucien Rowe

I´m standing in a silent shadow of meaningless days.
Though I don´t know if I´m waiting on a miracle, 
or on life itself.
I´m looking at the railways of time 
“Who knows what they will bring?” 
They disappear in the distance like a smile on a face. 
They stay mum.
Maybe I´m just raving, 
but I heard a train´s whistle in the distance. 
It would be a miracle. 
This station has long been abandoned; the trains do not come here.
Maybe I´m wrong. 
It would be fine. 
I´m listening…and looking in the distance of time.
The rustling of the leaves resonates with the whistle. 
Finally it comes to me…it comes. 
“Will it stop for me? Is there a station for it here?” 
I will wait, if it doesn’t the only thing that was lost is fear.
A symphony plays in my soul. 
Drowning a thirsty silence, 
harmonizing with the sound coming from the railroad. 
“There is another whistle!” 
I can see the shooting of lights. 
It is so close now,
it is breaking, stopping at me.
Finally it is revealed. 
While I stare in awe, 
stretching out my fingers to feel 
the reality that I now see.
I aboard the train and start my journey. 
I leave the station of meaningless days, 
I will travel for a long, long time 
to make true my dreams and wishes. 
I know the path, I now it will be hard and tremulous. 
Time to time there will be sharp curves 
and the speed is dangerous, 
but I do not want the journey to end just yet.
That would be the last step of my life. 
A step to the station of eternal rest.

Published by Majka Rowe