I met her on a summer’s night

Storm came from the sky

Warm, she falls into my arms

Destined to condemn


Those who say; there’s no such thing

You are better off without

But with shadow as a solace

They are likely to be prone


To what they cannot hear

But what is present all along

Its essence being the softer side

Like melody of tune


Reach out beyond reality

To what betrays belief

One’s sense of sensibility

Is faith in what we can’t perceive


It gives us all an undue role

On the stage of love and life

Teaching the vulture and the hawk

Via the mockingbird and dove


Come on this day with tranquil sky

To search and captivate

The lifeblood of my very being

As I gaze into your eyes


With azure dye, I hold onto

The hand that saveth mi

To bring mi back to your bed

To share tranquillity.

Published by Owen Tilley