Hi friends!

All of us want to travel. Travelling is a beautiful experience in itself but there are a few things we need to keep in mind which will make the whole experience much better!
I will give you tips that will come in handy, especially if you're travelling alone.

What you need to pack.

  • -Clothes: This one is obvious but I had to mention. Pack your clothes according to the weather. Don't carry a ton of clothes. Carry items that you can be mixed and matched. This will create plenty of outfits but less bulk in the suitcase.
    Also, keep an extra pair of clothes in your handbag/backpack for emergency cases.
  • Gadgets: I know that nobody will forget their phone but the charger? Carry the chargers of every gadget you take. Be it your camera or your phone. Don't forget your headphones. Headphones help me stay awake and alert in buses and trains.
  • Makeup: If you use makeup, this is one thing  you will not forget. And carrying makeup is not just for girls. If you're travelling by plane, a moisturizer is a must. Don't ever forget this, even if you have oily skin!
    Other makeup essentials are: Lip balm, deodorant/perfume, BB cream/sunscreen
    Carry basic toiletries such as soap, shampoo and conditioners.
  • ID Proof: Always carry an ID proof with you such as passport, college ID card or a driver's license. Keep a little bit of cash, too.

How you should be packing it.

  • Use two bags, please. One that you can easily carry (handbag/backpack) and a suitcase.
  • Roll your clothes. It saves space. (overused hack, but it works)
  • Put all your makeup in a different pouch and the essentials in your handbag/backpack. If you have any liquid makeup (eyeliners, lipsticks, foundations, etc.) be extra careful!
  • Similarly, keep the electronic items in a plastic bag. This will ensure they aren't ruined do to leaks, if any.

What you must do before travelling.

  • Book your hotels/inns in advance. Never assume that you will always find a decent place to stay.
  • If your relatives stay in the same city, visit them. They will know that you still remember them!
  • Do a little research on the tourist attractions of that place and plan the timings of visiting. Book your hotel accordingly.

What you should do while travelling.

  • Whenever you reach a place or start travelling, let someone know. Especially if you happen to be travelling alone.
  • Take pictures of the places you visit. Let selfies take a back seat.
  • Try to understand the culture and history of that place. Always keep learning.
  • Try their cuisine. You will always get your basic homely food.
  • And if something doesn't go right despite all the planning you did, don't worry about it! Sulking will only ruin your trip. Though planning is important, a spontaneous trip can be equally exciting!

Ways to pass time while travelling:

  • Music: I'm sure I don't need to explain.
  • Books: Because who even lives without books! (says my friend, Milan) :P

Hope this helped you!

Happy travelling!

Chinmayi Hegde


Published by Chinmayi Hegde