There are so many 90’s trends that are back in the trend. From logo tees to fanny packs there so many trends from the 1990s which are making waves in the fashion world. For some of us , we are digging into our old clothes to find something that is fashionable now.

One of the 90’s fashion trends which are going overboard in the fashion world and which have taken on everybody’s clothes is the timeless slip dresses.

Slip dresses are great and versatile outfits which are fashionable yet comfortable. With some few changes here and there we can transform these dresses from formal wear to cocktail to beach wear. Yes! Slip dresses can be worn and presented in so many different styles which minimum efforts from our side.

They aren’t just comfortable they are sexy while being effortless, believe us it is the best kind of sexy! They are breezy and don’t need much fuzz to carry off. They look flattering on any kind of body type of shape. They also come in body-hugging to airy fits. They come in solid colors to shimmer to print. They also come in different kind of textures such as cotton, satin, silk, spandex, lace and even fringe.

If you haven’t tried a slip dress till now, its high time you do and if you are confused as to how to style it. Don’t you worry! We are here to help you out with it. Here are a few ways you can easily pull off a slip dress for different looks and occasions:

  • Layering: Slip dresses are perfect for layering as they are light, they don’t look bulky or off shape when you layer them with something else. You can layer your slip dress with a shirt or a t-shirt; this will even give it a look of a skirt.
  • Bare Minimal: If you are on a vacation or want something basic yet stylish you can always rely on slip dresses as they are very comfortable and stylish. They are perfect summer wear too. You can even wear sneakers or converse with them to look edgy.
  • Dressy Dinner look: If you want to look fancy or dressy for a dinner or an event at night you can always go for a silk or satin slip dress with a soft open sweater or an open cardigan over it. You can also replace the cardigan with a shawl. Wear classy stilettos or pumps to complete your whole look.
  • Party animal: Slip dresses can also be worn for your party nights. If you are going pubbing, wear a grunge motorbike leather jacket with a short slip dress, it looks feminine yet bold and sexy. You can round up the look with ankle-strap sandals or wedges ( if you want something more comfortable).
  • Formal and chic: A slip dress worn with a crisp or an oversized blazer can pass off as an amazing semi-casual look.

Try on slip dresses when they are in fashion. You would love them and stay updated with style trends on .


Published by will Ent