After a three-year long battle with China, the Philippines, and its people won what was rightfully theirs, to begin with; The West Philippine Sea. It is true that no one nation is sufficiently big enough in the eyes of the law.

This decision, made by an arbitral tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands, comes following a 3-year process sought after by Manila yet scorned by Beijing. The Philippines have gone through a lot of trials seeking after the case for as far back as 3 years. Filing a case against China on January 22, 2013, to submitting a 4,000-page pleading or memorial. Submitting a 3,000-page supplemental memorial on March 17, 2015, to appearing before the arbitral tribunal in The Hague from July 7-13, 2015, to argue that the tribunal has the right to hear the Philippines’ case. And lastly, returning to The Hague to discuss the merits of its case against China from November 24-30, 2015.

And it was just last week, July 12, 2016, when "the PCA announced that an arbitral has ruled in favor of the Philippines against China." (via

The judges of the Arbitral Tribunal ruled that:

1. There was no lawful premise for China to assert noteworthy rights to assets inside the ocean ranges falling inside the "nine-dash line".

2. China had damaged the Philippines' sovereign rights in its EEZ by developing counterfeit islands, meddling with angling and petroleum investigation, and neglecting to keep Chinese anglers from angling in the zone.

3. Chinese authorities did not satisfy their commitment to prevent Chinese anglers from harming and collecting imperiled ocean turtles, giant mollusks, corals and other gems underwater on a generous scale in the South China Sea.

4. China's vast scale land recovery and development of fake islands was contradictory with the commitments on a state amid debate determination procedures.

5. None of the Spratly Islands concede China an Exclusive Economic Zone.
It was declared that specific regions in the Spratly Islands are inside the Philippines' Exclusive Economic Zone.
The historic point standard is a confirmation of China's perilous animosity and non-abidance to this tenet ought to have critical ramifications. The law is obviously in favor for the Philippines. Truly trusting the current administrator sees through this fight. We need to affirm what is our own.

Furthermore, this is the perfect time that we can at long last institutionalize our maps with the label West Philippine Sea. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Published by Adett Feliciano