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The word “Facebook” has a different meaning for everyone. Most equivocate it to being the most popular social network platform, but for marketers it means so much more. Facebook has become a popular channel for businesses to widely advertise to a target demographic at an affordable price! I only started playing with Facebook advertising around June and have learned so much already! If you do your research, you can find many articles and blogs about good rules of thumb when planning a campaign and budget. I read articles from Hub Spot, Social Media Examiner, and many other notable marketing publications that helped me get my foot in the door. Honestly the rest is purely trial and error. Each business has a different audience and different goals. That being said, here is what I’ve discovered so far!


Start Small

Marketers love Facebook, because it has opened up a whole new world of opportunity! In the old days (which really weren’t all that long ago) large corporations, publications, and ad agencies had total control. To advertise you had to pay large minimums and order in bulk. Even though the same rules apply for traditional media outlets, you can now get more bang for your buck with digital marketing! Even though you can have similar budgets and reach with Twitter ads, Google Adwords, and other sites, nothing seems to get as much ROI as Facebook advertising. I’ve gotten great results from spending only $5.00 a day for a week and a half at a time. I’ve mainly used Facebook to help grow my page likes and it did wonders! I went from 40 followers to over 700 within a month! For a beginning blogger who doesn’t focus on a niche topic, I was very impressed. My plan later this month is to actually focus on bringing more people on Facebook to my actual site. Since this is a different kind of conversion, it will require a slightly different strategy and clever creative copy. I’ll go into that below.


Analyze Your Audience

I cannot stress how important this is! Guessing who your target audience is can be a big mistake! The first Facebook ad campaign I ran wasn’t very successful because I simply guessed who my audience was. I had targeted my campaign to women under 35 who only spoke English, and either lived in the U.S., Canada, or England. I just assumed that people in other countries wouldn’t be able to relate culturally or understand what I was saying. I also assumed that since I’m a girl and my site is largely pink that only women would want to check it out. I can’t tell you how wrong I was. Once my first campaign didn’t do as well as I was hoping it would, I raised the age to 60, targeted both men and women, and then researched my page insights and focused on post reach. I found that my posts not only reach people in England and America, but also in Honduras and Kenya. Once I included these countries as part of my audience, my page likes skyrocketed. Surprisingly, the majority of my followers on Facebook are from Kenya. I’m not sure how many of them actually go to my site to read my blog posts on a regular basis, but a few do interact with my daily posts on my Facebook page! If I didn’t research my Facebook page data, I would have missed out on reaching an entire group of people who have shown me a lot of support.


Stay Away from Bad Visuals

Having crummy visuals on your ads can ruin your entire campaign. Whether it’s bad resolution, incorrect dimensions, or an unclear image or graphic, what you choose can make or break your ad. This is probably one of the trickiest aspects for marketers and entrepreneurs to grasp. I’m fortunate enough to have had some graphic design training, but there are many things you want to avoid such as exporting in low resolution or creating text as a raster image instead of a vector object. My advice? Use Canva for dimensions and assembly if you’re lacking funds for Adobe Creative Cloud, or reach out to a friend in graphic design! Trust me on this. I don’t care how great your copy is-- if the image is bad, no one is going to believe that your product or service is going to deliver quality.


Focus on One Conversion at a Time

When you’re new to digital marketing, all of this stuff can be super exciting! It’s natural to want to try it all from the get go. My advice? Don’t. It’s better to be patient and develop a strategy that focuses on one conversion at a time. Once you get the hang of a few things, THEN you can have a couple conversion goals at once. I would start off with growing your following and then focusing on email signups, website visits, and purchases.


Try Different Strategies to See What Works Best for You

The beauty of Facebook is that it’s inexpensive. If you pay for a print ad in a popular publication, it can be heartbreaking when you don’t see a great ROI. On Facebook you can look into the data and try to target what went wrong for a fraction of the time and money. Don’t be afraid to play around with different headlines and visuals. See what works best and learn from failing campaigns.


Engage with Your Followers

This is my opinion is one of the most overlooked steps. Engaging with your followers in an ongoing measure. Brands tend to forget about their audience once they become followers. Loyal fans will comment on your ads, share your posts, and like your updates. The least you can do is communicate with them and show that you appreciate their vital role to your brand’s success. This is one thing that many old-school marketers are having a hard time grasping. Remember: social media calls for social measures.


I hope these help! There are many resources out there to look at so go ahead and google some tips & tricks while you’re at it!


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