As I was playing around with pictures, while I was working on this picture I realized that the image reminds me of something… This might not be very appropriate comparison, because I know that I shouldn’t  compare Jesus do anybody else, but the picture brought me back memory of  the not very artsy and fancy but important painting from my grandmother house. It was a painting of Jesus sitting on the top of the mountain, he was looking on the city below on the peaceful evening. I didn’t know the story behind this picture, which must came from the Bible, but I always thought  that he was above everything what was going on in the city…and I wondered what he was thinking about..

Putting  my model in such a spot I thought that we all need such a moments to  meditate while  looking on the nice view and sitting above everything.

As I come from very religious family I always think about religion a bit differently.  I’ve never like to go to church to repeat over and over again the same  prayers, without thinking, as I had them memorized. I always like to contemplate while  reading meaning of statues, pictures, rituals in the church.

I was kind of  amazed and in the same time  not impressed  how people are following those religious routines without thinking just because they were taught that’s what is right to do, how they were attached to  religious paintings, statues and other saint things. As I remember such a painting like my grandmother has it was obligatory in every house, and usually one wasn’t enough. Those pictures even if their artistic value wasn’t high was something that was sacred and they were bringing God to their homes.

I have to say there is digression  between generations, I don’t continue those traditions, habits, rituals involved religion… I’ve tried just to make parents a bit happy….but my vision is to have God in my heart non picture necessary for that. Even tough I upset my parents they still try to change it and force me in to it… for example by sneaking religious pictures to my home. Well,  those pictures don’t mean what my mom thinks they might  mean to me, they actually don’t remind me about God and to be more  religious, but remind me about my mom, that she does this because she loves me…and what she was taught by her parents. That reminds me about grandparents, those moments I spent in their home. They remind  me how life looked like in the past on the country from where my family came  and those things I would like to  remember and  pass to my children so they can sit look on the city below, think about life,  look forward to the future but don’t forget about past they come from.


Published by Kate Kobryn