Donald Trump officially clinched the Republican Nomination after a grueling primary battle with seventeen other presidential contenders. From the start Trump’s ambition to win the Republican nomination led him to be publically  mocked over his effort to become the next President of the United States.

Many doubted Trump’s ascent to become the Republican Nominee, especially much of the mainstream media. Early on in the primary season more often than not, political pundits often did not hesitate to describe Trump as a joke or merely a sideshow performance in the midst of real viable Republican Presidential Candidates. However,the jokes and jeers seemed to be on the naysayers during the last day of the RNC. Smiles and cheers were all present at the RNC as Donald J. Trump gleefully accepted the Republican nomination as their official candidate for President.

Trumps rise to nomination didn’t come easy though. The dislike over Trump’s pursuit to become President of the United States seemed to be coming from various fronts since he began his Republican  primary presidential campaign.

As the presidential primary campaign continued Republican factions increasingly divided on support or endorsement,democrats publicly loathed at the possibility of a Trump's’ Presidency, and main streamed media increased propaganda headlines and sound bites to sway public opinion, all of which became the became normality over the primary season.  

Yet, despite the promotion of pessimistic odds of Trump winning the GOP nomination,  Donald J. Trump gradually singled out himself by eliminating every other potential republican presidential candidate.

With streamline support of the popular vote Trump excelled throughout the primary campaign trail with a message of ‘Make America Great Again’ and other political stances that profoundly resonated with primary voters around the nation. It seems Trump solitivide his achievement as a viable candidate by amassing a significant accumulation of votes gave him the largest primary voting record of any Republican President in history.

Trumps Nomination Speech on July, 21 on the final convening day of the RNC (Republican National Convention) seemed to be a unique summary of what Trump repeatedly mentions on the campaign trail. Yet, now his message is clearly more potent as his political agendas becomes more of a possibility as the General Election Season officially kicks off after the DNC (Democratic National Convention). Trump Speech was a harmonious political map into the sentiment he will bring into the general election,a torch bearer for the people's voice. Below is an excerpt from trump’s RNC acceptance speech...

"My opponent asks her supporters to recite a three-word loyalty pledge. It reads: “I’m With Her”.

I choose to recite a different pledge.

My pledge reads: “I’M WITH YOU – THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.”

I am your voice.

So to every parent who dreams for their child, and every child who dreams for their future, I say these words to you tonight: I’m With You, and I will fight for you, and I will win for you."


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Trump's arousing sentiments among the populous of being a people's candidate of "Law and Order" is are attributes that he hopes will drastically contrast scandalous dealings of Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton although drenched in scandals continued her presidential campaign trails in stride, but not without the RNC mocking her as merely establishment political puppet for hire. The voters will be the jury in this election and the stakes couldn't be anymore higher.


Published by Naomi S. Gobern