There are so many people out there that have a notion that blindness looks like a middle aged man wearing sunglasses hiding his "cloudy" eyes banging a white stick around. This is so far from the truth of blindness. I am going to tell you a little bit about what blindness actually looks like ! 

Blindness does not make us look any certain way, not all of us have cloudy eyes, not all of us see nothing. There is such a wide range of vision, some people still have some useable vision, some people can see movement, some can see light, some see nothing at all. There is no cookie cutter way that someone who is blind sees, we do not all have cloudy eyes. My eyes dance but they are not cloudy that does not mean that I am not blind it means that I do not have a condition that makes my eyes cloudy. Some people who have vision loss use a white cane and some do not, some use a guide dog and it is a personal choice and what works for them. They also do not just bang it around there is a method to what they are doing.

I love to wear makeup and enjoy a shopping trip like any other woman. I am not limited by my blindness. I do not need a caregiver, I am a capable independent woman. I use a Guide Dog and I am not in capable of going out and living my life my way. 

There are many types of people who are blind and that is the major thing that some don't recognize we are more than our disability. Not all people who are blind are the same, we are not all musically inclined, in fact I can not hold a tune what so ever ! We all have different skills, and interests and personalities just like the sighted community. 

​So many times I hear people say to me "you don't look blind" and I just want to ask; What does blindness look like to you ? 

Thanks for reading ! Until Next Time ! 

Ashley and Rick 

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Published by Ashley Nemeth