The so called ”testosteron piller” are prescribed to treat the disease, which occurs due to insufficient amount of the steroid hormone testosterone in the body of the adult male. Children and young people under 18 are allowed to take testosterone pills in rare cases.

Women are contraindicated to take testosterone pills. As for the older men prescribed the minimal daily doses of testosterone pills.

Basic information about testosterone

Testosterone is an androgen steroid synthesized in the body of men and women. The body testosterone in men perform several functions, one of them is to influence male sexual activity.

But the first symptoms of testosterone deficiency is chronic fatigue and lack of physical activity.

Men with deficiency of testosterone prescribed androgen replacement therapy, with a daily intake of therapeutic doses of testosterone. To cure severe androgen insufficiency, the prescribing doctor injection therapy generally. But if testosterone imbalance is minor or mild in the man's body, he can be prescribed with oral contraceptives testosterone.

Before you start taking testosterone pills, one must look to the androgen insufficiency symptoms caused by lack of testosterone. So, to confirm the presumptive diagnosis, you may need to pass laboratory and diagnostic tests. Only after that testosterone levels confirm the diagnosis of androgen insufficiency, the doctor may prescribe an optimal dose of testosterone.

Regardless of the prescribed dose testosterone pills taken twice daily. Time interval between two doses of testosterone pills, must be at least 12 hours. Men should not chew or crush the oral and buccal testosterone pills before them.

The indications for the use of testosteron piller

Men over 18 should take testosteron piller for the treatment of hypogonadism, consequences are:

  ▪   endocrine erectile dysfunction;

  ▪   low libido, and reduced sexual activity;

  ▪   violation of spermatogenesis and male infertility.

Testosterone pills may be prescribed for the treatment of both primary and secondary hypogonadism.

But androgen insufficiency are among the causes of osteoporosis, testosterone pills are included in the combination treatment included disease.

Published by Joseph Nicholls