1Peter---Planning Ahead…

As earthly people, we lay up or store away our earthly goods for a rainy day or for the next generation. Proverbs teaches us that a benevolent person leaves an inheritance for their grandchildren for they are our crown. Using this analogy Peter reminds the believers who are temporarily residing abroad and are suffering that God the Father even before the foundation of the world planned for their future. It included an inheritance that has four qualities. Unlike an earthly inheritance that fluctuates with the market value of this earth, the heavenly inheritance is far more valuable for it is

  1. Imperishable…that is it will never deteriorate or lose value
  2. Undefiled…that is it is pure and without spot or wrinkle
  3. Unfading…it keeps its beauty forever
  4. And lastly, it is reserved in heaven awaiting our arrival there upon our death.

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ for choosing. Know this, Beloved, if you are a believer in Christ you have been chosen, and set apart by the Holy Spirit for our Savior Jesus Christ who was “buried, and raised on the third day according to the scriptures.”  Because you are His child He so loved that He gave and planned.

God planned for your future; have you planned for your heavenly future?




Published by Gaye Austin