The Turners: Camp Freakout is book 2 in Mick Elliott's fantastic The Turner trilogy.

In Camp Freakout we catch up with Leo a few months after the conclusion of The Turners, as he embarks on his year 8 school camp. Though Leo comes to realise pretty quickly that going on school camp was a massively huge mistake, he couldn't have foreseen just how humongous a mistake it was. With school bullies, no phones or internet, dayTurning and an evil plot brewing, Leo's latest adventure is just as action packed as his first.

Mick Elliott has done a marvellous job with Camp Freakout. I was excited yet a little worried about this book. The Turners was such an epic, crazy story and I didn't know if the second book would measure up. As it turns out I was worried about nothing. The Turners: Camp Freakout not only measures up it may even surpass its predecessor.

This fast paced, action packed adventure is perfectly written. With all of your favourites back for round two and some new characters thrown into the mix, the story is really entertaining and really draws you in.

After reading this book I have absolutely no reservations about the next one, only excitement.

Mick Elliott's ability to get readers invested and to keep them on the edge of their seats from start to finish is a marvellous gift. His descriptive writing makes it easy to picture what is happening and the fact that his characters are so well-developed and well-rounded, means that you can feel the emotions through the pages.

If you haven't yet discovered the awesomeness that is Mick Elliott's The Turners and The Turners: Camp Freakout, do it now. You won't regret a single second of your experience with Leo & Co.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker