'It's twins Pat and Isabel's first term at St Clare's, and they are determined to give everyone at their new school a few surprises. What plans and tricks are they concocting? There's never a dull moment at St. Clare's!

When Pat and Isabel first go to St. Clare's they are determined not to enjoy themselves, but by the end of term they have had to admit that school can be surprisingly good fun.'

I didn't love this book.

I have been working my way through Enid Blyton's classics over the last few months. I am excited to be re visiting these books as an adult. I have really enjoyed the books that I have read so far. Whilst I did enjoy this book, I didn't love it.

I found this story really slow at the beginning. I was bored and I couldn't warm to the twins. This unfortunately put me off side and I didn't really warm to them throughout the entire story.

I find it really hard to enjoy a book if I don't care about the character and that is what happened with this book. I didn't care about the main characters and I didn't really care about any of the supporting characters either.

I felt like I was just going through the motions whilst reading this book. Nothing really bothered me but on the flip side of that, nothing really excited me.

I can understand why people love this book but for me it just wasnt one of my favourites.

The Twins At St Clare's is the first book in the St Clare's series by Enid Blyton.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker