Hello Friends!

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Shanice and this is my first post here on MyTrendingStories so please...



Recently I just returned from a little vacay over in Reykjavik, Iceland and during my stay I chose to use a budget hostel as accommodation. Now, a hostel for those who don't know is like a more cost effective alternative to a hotel, it's like sharing a hotel with a bunch of strangers! For some people that might seem like a great idea but to me, it's not. From my experience staying at hostels there's always a bunch of 'characters' that I've met whilst staying in

a hostel and for you guys I thought I would compile a list of the Odd people I have met during my trips.



1) The Party Guy

There always seems to be one of these guys. They’re loud, usually drunk and are just having a good time. Which is fine and dandy except when it's 3 in the morning and all I want is some bloody sleep! What's worse is when these guys force you into an open conversation with the rest of the crowd which can be fatal for an introvert like me.

2) The Loafer


This person basically does nothing.

I'm almost sure that these people might live at the hostel but no one knows for sure! They're like a hostel's greatest mystery...

3)The weird one.

Okay , story time. So I was in my bed in my hostel one night just browsing the interwebs when this lady walks in and immediately starts to stare at me. To decrease the tension I turned to her and said hello. She said hello back then followed with a long and unprompted tirade of her life story. The story was albeit quite sad and I felt bad for her but then lost compassion when she said 'she's been plagued by jewish people most of her life' at this point i just awkwardly looked away and went Back to what I was doing. The rest of her stay she spent watching me intently and circling me whenever I opened my luggage. Cringe.


So I think those are not all but the most memorable types of people that I've encountered while staying in a hostel. All I can say for future travellers is that staying in a hostel is a lot of fun sometimes and makes for a good story so don't be too discouraged by what's happened to me. As for right now, I'm off but I'll see you guys around next time.


Published by Shanice Bowrin