Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant is by far, one of the best sky bar restaurant in Bangkok. The bar has managed to capture the attention of both locals and tourists thanks to its endearing reputation. Just by sitting on the balcony, you will be able to have a panoramic view of Bangkok town effortlessly. Its positioning makes it one of the best places to have a meal or a drink while enjoying a cool breeze. If at all you are looking to have a wonderful time with your friends and family, Cielo sky bar is the best place to go.

The positioning of Cielo Bar and Restaurant

The bar and restaurant are strategically positioned on the 46th floor of the Leluk condominium. Unlike other sky bars in Bangkok, Cielo is only three minutes’ walk from the popular Phra Khanong BTS station. This means that you won’t have to waste too much time accessing it. Once you step out of the elevator, you will be met by an expensive sight that will stun you. Every single detail about the sky bar is impressive. They have a balcony that is neatly and creatively decorated for those who wish to enjoy fresh air as they dine. Unlike other sky bar restaurants in Bangkok, Cielo is both inexpensive and admirable.

What makes Cielo the best sky bar in Sukhumvit?

Without a doubt, Cielo is an extraordinary rooftop bar. Despite its inexpensiveness compared to other sky bars in Sukhumvit, Cielo comes with a huge number of surprises. Just before you get to the bar section which is on the right, you will come across an opening with a lavish black and cream chandelier. This section will welcome you to one of the most vibrant bars and restaurant in Bangkok. The bar section is just a few paces away. It has been decorated with soft lights giving it a soothing ambience that will put you into a celebratory mood right away. The drinks are remarkable. You will find affordable wine and beers with a professional mixologist who will intrigue you with his cocktail making skills.

The restaurant, on the other hand, has some of the most delectable delicacies that will give you the ultimate Bangkok experience. You will be able to enjoy meals such as roasted duck with red curry, grilled steak and crunchy soft crab shells, among others. Every meal is served on time and just the way you want it. What will thrill you most is the fact that they have great inclusions in their menus. Their creativity is impressive, and every single detail is through the roof. The staff are very friendly and always ready to serve you without complaints. This makes Cielo a great place to dine for anyone who wants to make his or her evening memorable.

Additional Services

You will be pleased to hear that the sky bar in Sukhumvit offers services such as wheelchair accessibility and ample parking to its customers. You can always make reservations if at all you want to enjoy your meal while having an undistracted view of the Bangkok skyline. The bar and restaurant also offer buffet services where you get to serve yourself any type of dish you want. You will always find a number of foreign cuisines to go with nicely blended cocktails. It is a type of restaurant and bar that will accommodate any diner who wants a much better experience than what other dining places offer.

From the above information, it is unquestionably true that Cielo sky bar restaurant in Bangkok is a great place to dine. The place is equipped to offer you an enhanced dining and drinking experience. Get a reservation if you want to and enjoy the best evening of your life at the popular Cielo bar and Restaurant. The doors are always open from 5:00 pm to 1:00 am.


Published by Samantha Brown