Okay.. it's barbecue season. So, what are you waiting for? Get out the barbie and have a go at few of these recipes that are sure to leave your guests craving more. I scoured the internet for the most scrumptious recipes for meats, sides, drinks and desserts suitable for a BBQ and here they are. Just add some guests and let the recipes guide you.


Juicy, crispy, delish this recipe will leave your mouth watering. The chicken is propped upwards with a can of beer in the cavity. The beer will steam the chicken and cook it from the inside while also filling it with gorgeous flavour. Another big plus, you just leave it alone to cook itself. Need I say more?

A Hong Kong specialty, this barbecue pork is sure to hit the spot. The pork shoulder is left to do its magic in the marinade overnight so be sure to prepare it the day before. 

This beautiful take on the classic BBQ chicken wings by Christine is simple and you're sure to have the ingredients at home already. 

Oh.. holy.. moly. When I came across this recipe from Amanda, I couldn't turn away. Just a look at that photo and I was hooked. This recipe combines her very own coffee rub seasoning mix, succulent Angus beef mince, and a unique Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce to create a burger that is worthy of the Gods. So, go ahead and wow your guests with this wonderful main. 

  • Campfire burgers by Mother Thyme     Campfire Burgers | www.motherthyme.com #burgers                                                                      

Okay okay, I know there isn't room for 2 burgers at this party but I couldn't pass up this recipe. So you'll have to choose, muahaha! Jenn has made her very own Campfire sauce recipe which is just the thing to make these burgers shine. 


Got any vegetarians coming to the party? Even if you don't, these veggie croquettes are a great wait to get some of your 5-a-day at the BBQ. Guests will be super impressed that you went to the effort for them.

Crispy potatoes will always have a place at my barbecues, and I hope they will at yours too. This recipe from Katie is packed with flavour and I have no doubt that your guests will be asking for more! She uses white sweet potatoes, but I'm sure you could use any type of potato that you like.

Every BBQ needs a salad but you must remember that it's not the main attraction and guests will not spend much time thinking about it. That's why it is best to go simple and make a salad like this one from Natasha. So get some of those juicy veggies out and get started!



Now who would ever pass up the opportunity to make smores?! In Ireland, we don't have any Graham crackers or any substitute so this recipe is perfect for us. It also makes the smores mess-free and easier to cook. Throw these on the barbie while the guests relax after the meal and they'll be in for a treat. 

Wanna cool off in the summer heat? Well, I think these will do the trick. Made from only the three title ingredients, these are simple and sure to be a hit at the BBQ. This kid-friendly recipe can always be spiked with a suitable alcohol (rum, tequila, vodka etc.) to make it an adult-only treat. Just let them freeze for longer to let the alcohol set. 

Hey, you can't have a summer party without a bit of ice cream! Try making your own buffet bar that guests can enjoy by taking inspiration from Cheryl's setup. Set up toppings, syrups, some fruit and of course cones and bowls. For a good hack: freeze pre-scooped ice cream on a baking sheet and take out of the freezer when guests start lining up. 



Make up a big batch of this and put it in a drinks dispenser for a cool, refreshing drink for kids and adults alike. This recipe from Jacyln is a fresh and fruity summer drink to cool off a crowd.

A mix of rum, peach schnapps, pineapple juice, orange juice, and grenadine turn this cocktail into a summer sizzler that'll wow your guests. Fill up a drinks dispenser and watch your guests pour until they can drink no more! 

So that was my comprehensive list for a successful BBQ! I hope you enjoyed it, and that you'll be trying a few of these recipes out at your next party. 




Published by Lucy Sunburst