All of us out there have our own bucket list full of things that we would like to do and accomplish in our lifetime. Some items on our lists are more serious than others and some are more feasible than others. Today, it was reminded to me again that lifetime is not an elastic concept, which made me think about my own bucket list. So here it goes (no particular order):

1. Publish a novel - at some point in my life, I would like my novel or novels to be published for the world to see and feel the experiences through my writing

2. Go Sky Diving/Paragliding - need a say more?

3. Live in New York: it has been my dream to have a nice cosy apartment in New York, focus on my writing and get inspiration every day.

4. Get married & have a family: this is pretty much on almost every girl's bucket list I suppose. Obviously marry for love before anything else - couldn't see myself marrying someone just to tick it off my bucket list 

5. Make an impact on someone:  when people ask me "what is your objective/goal in life" - I say it is to leave an impact even if it is just something that I said that helped someone figure out a solution to their problem, or a small note that made someone smile - just want to make an impact.

6. ​Bring more happiness to the World (or at least the corner around me) -so many things to be upset about today, so if I could just make a few people happy by making them smile and see the bright light through the darkness - I would consider that an accomplishment 

7. Start my own business: plenty of ideas for this one - haven't figured out which one I would like to realise most, so perhaps with some help from good people one day it will happen.

Published by Karina Saakyan