The idea of having a business that allows you to work from home is extremely attractive. Staying stuck in a job where you get yelled at by your boss is not very fun. Nor does it seem like there is any direction going forward. This is just a couple of reasons why more and more individuals are desperate to get off their ass and start it.

One of the most popular methods these days is creating an online store. In particular, print on demand merchandise where you can design your very own mugs, pillows, t-shirts, and according to the likes of, it is one of the most profitable markets at the moment. If you want to focus on just a single piece of merchandise, then t-shirt is without a doubt the best option.

The greatest thing about starting a t-shirt store is that it is easy to set up. It takes little time and does not cost a lot of money. Especially with the introduction of platforms like Shopify. However, what starts out as a simple thing turns into a pretty complicated project. Once you start, it will become obvious how difficult it is to maintain quality and build a brand that becomes recognizable. Therefore, it is only natural that so many people end up giving up.

Starting From the Top

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Before you invest money into hosting and domain name, you need to closely consider the following: niche, design, quality. Neglecting even a single of the three will lead to problems. To better understand what that is all about, let us take a look at each of the three more deeply.


Finding a niche takes more than just a few minutes of thinking. You need to do thorough research. In the case of t-shirts, the more catering you are to a particular group, the more chances you have of selling. For instance, trying to sell a shirt with a cliche quote on it will not bring results due to the sheer amount of competition. However, if you tried a t-shirt that has an underrated TV series or anime, your chances increase immediately.


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Figuring out what you want to focus on, whether it is words or pictures, is also important. Designing skills matter a lot, and they will be one of your most important selling points. Being able to come up with the design yourself is a big advantage, but not everyone has these skills. Hiring from the outside is not the worst option as there is plenty of talent on platforms like UpWork or Fiverr. Look for something that stands out and is relatable to your targeted audience.


Do not bother selling mediocre quality. It will not take too long until the customers figure you out and bring down the store via negative reviews.

Choosing the Platform

Most guides would recommend going with Shopify as your platform. This one will not be an exception. Some of the best Shopify apps for ecommerce 2019 are free to use and improve the website tenfold. The platform itself is easy to set up and use. Also, there are quite a lot of other e-shops out there that are run on Shopify. This means that you have a lot of research material.


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The biggest challenge that awaits everyone that launches the website is the promotion. Social media is a no-brainer. The likes of Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter have a lot of value to both new and experienced users.

Invest some resources into search engine optimization too. Having as much organic traffic from Google or Bing is as valuable as it gets.

So there you have it. This short guide should give you a general idea of what you want to focus on when starting an online t-shirt business. The moment you start you will notice that there are still a lot you don’t know. But as time passes, everything will become clearer and you will be on your way to stardom.


Published by Charlesa Gibson