The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts’

I saw this quote not too long ago and I absolutely fell in love with it. To think positive you feel positive and to think negative you feel negative. But what about how others make us feel, what could we do to still remain happy? A few months ago I went on a course for work which was about a range of things; there was a part we covered which was called ‘Choosing your attitude’which relates to this very topic. Let me give you a bit of an insight:

What is meant by choosing your attitude? – Choosing your attitude is about choosing how u want to feel and how you deal with situations.

For example if someone barged you with force without apologizing how would you let it affect your mood? – Do you retaliate and say something? Do you stay pissed off for the day until something makes you smile? Or do you decide that it’s not going to effect your mood at all because your happy and no one can ruin that except YOU.

Why dwell on something you cannot change? Why fuel the fire in your mind rather than putting it out?

How to ignore negative thoughts – As I’ve previously explained… YOU control your thoughts, so if you feel negative about something you could change the way you see the situation or you can choose to think about something else. It’s not that hard you just need the want to be happy. Thoughts and feelings may not go but they can be suppressed.


You also need to remember that you don’t know what other people are going through. That person who barged you could have been in a rush on the way to the hospital because they’re relative is passing or they’re daughter is giving birth, they could be in danger and running for their life or maybe they are just a stuck up negative person you never know. But that effort you took to get annoyed and angry is only effecting your day and if you think about it the only person who has ruined your mood is you.


So the next time u feel to be angry or annoyed remember that it is YOUR choice on how u feel. Analyze the situation and say to yourself ‘how do i want to feel right now and for the rest of the day’ then go from there.




Danielle Rochelle

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