Are you someone who gets a wonderful, magical feeling inside whenever you see or interact with a Dachshund?

Are you constantly thinking of getting one for yourself?

Well, I don’t blame you! Dachshunds are incredibly cute as puppies. Also, once they’re grown up, they’ll be the most affectionate and friendly companions you could ask for.

I’m sure you’ve also heard that these dogs can be quite stubborn. You need to be very patient when training them, especially at the beginning.

So, it’s only natural to doubt whether you’ll be able to take care of a Dachshund before actually bringing one home.

However, where there is a will, there is definitely a way! Keep reading to find out all you need to know about taking care of Dachshund dogs.

Feed with Care

Your Doxie needs healthy, high-quality food. This is because quality dog food will give it the right amount of useful nutrients and keep your dog lean and fit.

Now, what exactly do I mean by quality food, you ask?

Well, it’s definitely not the cheap stuff you find in the store. It’s higher in the price range and is never made of meat by-products such as feathers and beaks.

Infact, the best dog food for Dachshunds should actually have solid meat as its top three main ingredients.

As for treats, it’s important to not give your dog too many, or it will gain more weight. Also, you’ll have to keep in mind that Doxies need different diets at different stages of life.

Maintaining Health

You can keep your dog the healthiest by getting it regular checkups and following your vet’s advice.

It’s very important for you to get your dog vaccinated, even when it’s just a puppy. Also, don’t forget to make sure your dog is protected from fleas.

Unfortunately, Dachshunds tend to suffer from herniated disks. Overweight dogs are more susceptible to this problem as their weight has more impact on their disks.

This is why you should consult with your vet on your dog’s diet and give it the quality food mentioned above.

Apart from this, to stay fit, you should be taking your dog out on short walks, atleast twice a day. Also, you know how dogs like to jump on furniture?

Yeah, that’s a big no for Dachshunds because it’s bad for their backs. This doesn’t mean furniture has to be out of bounds for your dog though. Just keep a ramp near the couch so it doesn’t have to jump.

Most importantly, never carry your Doxie by curving its back. Be on the lookout when other people or kids carry it as well.

Also, even though your dog can climb the stairs, it’s a good idea to carry him up and down instead. Remember, prevention is better than cure!

Grooming Tips

Okay so, unlike humans, dogs don’t need regular baths. For a Dachshund, once a month is enough.  You definitely don’t want your dog to suffer from dry skin. Also, try to keep them away from drafts during baths.

Doxies can have long, wiry or short hair. For short-haired Doxies, you can just dry its hair with a towel. As for hair brushing, once or twice a week is all it needs. But make sure you use a brush with soft bristles.

If your dog is a long or wire-hairedDoxie, your best option for drying is a blow-dryer. You’ll also have to brush their hair every day.

Now, for a wiry-haired dog, you’ll need a brush with hard bristles whereas,for a long-haired dog, you’ll need to comb after you brush its hair with a slicker brush.

Also, don’t forget that brushing teeth is equally important for dogs, as it is for humans! Your vet will be able to tell you how often your dog needs brushing.

You might have to start by brushing only a few teeth at first and practice daily, to get your dog used to the idea.


First of all, you need to work on teaching your dog to heel. This is important to keep your dog from walking infront of you and wreaking havoc on a walk.

Remember, your dog should always be walking on your side.

You can teach this to your dog by putting him on a short leash and positioning a treat on your left side, above its head. Walk ahead a bit and use the word ‘Heel’. Give it a treat only if it walks beside you.

You can also teach your dog to sit and do other things in a similar manner. However, make sure you don’t overdo it with the treats! Break down the treats and only give your dog small pieces.

The more often you repeat the commands and train it, the better your dog will learn!

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve gone through all the dos and don’ts, you know exactly what kind of care a Dachshund needs.

Honestly, they’re really not that difficult to manage from any other dog, and it’ll be even easier if you can train them from a young age.

All you need to do is deal with them patiently and give them the love and care that they need.

However, the herniated disk is a health problem you should look out for. Make sure you know what food and physical activities are okay for your Doxie.

As for now, wipe away any doubts and go and bring your lovely new Dachshund family member home!

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