Asia is full of tropical islands and water bodies that contain almost 75% diversity of the entire planet’s coral species. This is why Asia is simply known as the diver’s paradise. The continent offers to you the best of the best diving thrills. Starting from the diverse marine life, rare species of sharks, colorful coral reefs and historical shipwrecks – you will get everything in these amazing islands. Pack your scuba diving kit for your next tropical diving destination in Asia.

Let’s take a look at the top diving destinations in Asia here.


Tioman, Malaysia:

Tioman is in the Coral triangle – one of the most popular biodiverse locations, at the meeting point of Pacific and the Indian Ocean. The amazing entire area is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs, outstanding tiger reefs and numerous bright colorful marine species. The tiger reef is covered in bright colorful soft and hard corals, reef critters and sponges. Thousands of fishes and other marine creatures are attracted towards here. Batfish, snapper, fusiliers, barracuda, tuna, blacktip sharks are lot more varieties can be spotted here during your dive. Eagle ray, nurse shark and whale shark can also be spotted occasionally. What are you waiting for? Pack your diving kit, grab your scuba diving computer and head to Tioman Island in Malaysia.


Phi Phi, Thailand:

This beautiful island can be found in between the western coastal part of mainland and Phuket. Koh Boda Nai and Koh Bida Nok – these two most beautiful and densely inhabited dive sites are waiting for you to be explored. Here you will find amazing coral gardens, miles of long coral-covered walls, and a wide diversity of marine life. This is the perfect destination for both the beginner and professional divers. In the shallow water, you simply can snorkel to get closer to these ocean creatures. Eel, black tip sharks, octopus, turtles, lionfish, bearded snappers and schools of snappers – can be spotted in these two diving sites. You can be more familiar with the Squids, banded sea snakes, seahorses and pipefishes.


Pondicherry, India:

India offers some of the best diving destinations in Asia. One of the most amazing diving sites can be found in the coastal area of Pondicherry, the Bay of Bengal. Have you heard of temple reef? It is basically an artificial reef. This beautiful reef includes trees, palms, rocks, concreates, iron bars and more than 100 marine species used to live there. You can spot the yellow frogfish and giant groupers. Aravind’s wall is another popular diving site for the drift divers. You will be spellbound to see the diversity of the corals, kingfish, lionfish, groupers, parrot fish, eels, triggerfish and sea snakes. Get the best of the scuba diving tanks; even you may get a glimpse of whale sharks, sharks, turtles, mantas or dolphins.


Koh Tang, Cambodia:

The Gulf of Thailand holds some of the most attractive diving destinations. The isolated Koh Tang island is another wonderful location for the scuba enthusiasts. Explosion reef, Sting Ray Alley, Three Bears and several other scuba locations are included here. If you love the diversity of corals Explosion reef is the perfect place for you. Plenty of staghorn corals along with an abundance of marine creatures such as triggerfish, lots of juvenile fishes, rays, groupers and numerous other tropical critters are waiting for you. Do you own the perfect Scuba diving computer? If not, get one to compute the appropriate bottom time to enjoy the maximum.

Three Bears is a cave structure with a bright colorful coral reef and lots of amazing marine lives like batfish, barracuda, jacks and more.

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Published by Linda Lee