For any building construction, whether be it a house, a hotel, a room, a bathroom or whatever that matter, the most predominant factor is the element called a plan. A floor plan is simply the layout of the ground structure, and there is plenty of variety in which you can design and represent this plan. The Opus floor plan is one of the commonly used ones which is focused on providing the ultimate living experience in two or four for the family households.

A plan is basically the blueprint of what is being intended to construct on. It is the very first diagram that any architecture will work on before starting the building process. It gives out an overall idea of how the building or that piece of the room will look like ones constructed. 

A plan has many forms. It can be a closed floor plan or an open floor plan. An open floor plan is the one which is a large room and can be used to act as multiple rooms according to the situations. It has got many advantages:

  • The large rooms allow a lot of natural lighting such need only a little electric lighting during daytime.
  • Obviously, when walls are less in open floor plans, it gives a sensation of a larger space than it is in actual.
  • When the attention is drawn to the floor plan, it by itself had many benefits, some of which are common to everyone:

A floor plan can visualize your ideas into something visible or presentable form. This is important because it can stay a lot clearer to the client for whom you have prepared the blueprint for.

This is the pre-step before you design the final structure. Thus, it is easy to make corrections during the floor plan stage rather than correcting once the design has been laid down.

As this plan helps to lay down major criteria in the construction, it helps to make a better decision, and the material selections are made aptly to minimize the cost.

The floorplan is useful to the clients too. They can evaluate this ground plan and can have a rough idea of what furniture will go with certain places and how big and wide they should be.

Thus, the floor plan is an important aspect in the development of a building right from the supply of the materials for the construction to the decoration of the room or space once build and given to the client. It makes the hustle of making a building or the space much easier for the planner to the designer to the constructor.

The Woodleigh residences floor plan is typically used to design the common two to four bedrooms apartment in an elegant way so as to give that overall lively and homely atmosphere. Thus this plan is commonly used by the planners who work under the contract with very large apartment builders to make the place offer a better living experience.

Published by Amit Sharma