The news came through this morning that Donald Trump was voted in as President of The United States of America. I heard many people of all ages and backgrounds discussing the result throughout the day: "Did you see the result, fam?" "Oh my gosh, Trump won!" "The greater loss out of the two." "He hasn't any political experience." "After Brexit I knew he would win." There was some shock, some wonder, some confusion, but mostly disillusionment. How had this happened? THE UNEXPECTED POLITICS The unexpected politics Of our virtual age Playing the second of its tricks Has riven, at this stage, The heart of trust and soul of good And wishes them for helldog's food. How's the weather, America? Shock follows the raindrops, Down the brow, dripping in Fate's maw; Unsated, it shan't stop, But I and more are quite contrite We'll not be quiet in the night.

Published by Andrew Davies