How am i supposed to compete,for with all my confidence, i still feel like an elephant in a body of a locust? How do i win in a world full of competitors? How am i supposed to tell my stories to a world that has its book full? How if not by building my own small world. But then, will it not let me win or give me credits when i don't deserve it? How do i become better when everyone wants to be better without me inviting envy and jealous around me? Do i pull down my esteem alittle to show people that i care about what they think of me and to show them that they have effect on me when they dont and i actually don't care?Do i let fake smiles fool me, people walk all over me so as to give them a sense of superiority or do i walk with my head held high and stumble on them like the queen i believe to be? How am i supposed to fit in? To accommodate all without the lofty glances, making enemies, criticism? How do i compete with the superior, the weak and the equals in a world that has all without feeling more or less? How if not by letting people be who they want? How if not by being me? How would you? How do i show that i love and care too much without being taken for a weakling? Do i stop caring but then be branded with animosity rudeness and in human? why pluck my teeth off and expect a smile with grace and not disgust and sarcasm dearest world? How fairly do i compete? How do i eliminate evil from good when my good can be your evil? Do i let my competitor win for then i wont be filled with guilt and pity but if i lose, won't i feel worthless and and be filled with self pity? How would you do it? Is it a competition if i just be me? my competition, with only me as a competitor?

Published by mary muema