Burn calories not only with sports. There are so many fun ways to burn fat in the body. Here are some of the unique way the body burns calories that you can try.

Tidy bedroom
Cleaning and tidying the bedroom were able to burn calories as much as 231 kcal per hour. To burn more calories, try to rearrange your bedroom. Besides being able to burn calories, you will also get a new atmosphere of your bedroom.

Organizing houseplants
Reforming ornamental plants is also a unique way to burn calories that you can try. Providing fertilizers, watering and arranging plants in the house can burn calories as much as 210 kcal per hour. In addition to healthy arranging ornamental plants will also enhance the look of your home.

Reforming the wall photos
Arrange the interior in the living room, such as arranging the photographs on the walls also you can do to burn fat. Activity lifting and cleaning the dust on the photo, and change the position of the photos, can burn as much as 245 kcal per hour.

Organize your workspace
Organize your workspace can not only burn calories the body, but also can give you enlightenment and prevent you from getting bored while working. Try sliding the furniture of your work, and work desk clean of unused pile. This activity can burn as much as 336 kcal per hour.

Published by Mahmur Marganti