Saving is such a hassle at any point in time, but especially in university and college the money seems to fly away. However, it’s not that hard to save for that pair of shoes you’ve had your eye on, or even something huge like a new car, mortgage deposit or holiday on a measly income!

  1. Figure out where your money is going. Use a budgeting app or write it all down and learn where money is going that it doesn’t need to go (read: coffee every day)

  2. When you go out to a club or shopping, something like that, only take a bit of cash and no cards. That way, you physically cannot spend more than you should, but you have some money for emergencies.

  3. Have a piggy bank. Old fashioned? Maybe, but throwing all spare coins in there does help. This way, if you’re desperate for a coffee or to go to the movies, you can delve through the coins and get what you need without going into your ‘real’ money.


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Published by Zoe Taylor