Hello all, hello world! This is not my usual blogging style but as I go along life, I observe things and I just would like to share those things as a young woman that lives on this earth temporarily. The average University student is looked up to as the smartest individuals in society especially if you are doing a degree in Medicine, Engineering or Law. Most of the times people overlook other degrees but they all have this similar belief that if you are doing a degree, masters or PhD, you’re probably really smart. It is quite the opposite for the University student. We don’t believe we’re the smartest of them all. We did well enough to get where we were, some of us were the top students in our primary or secondary school but when you come to university, your whole world changes.
The average University student doesn’t think they’re smart enough. In UWI, we have about 200 people in our lectures, and there is a lot of lowkey competition going on. We want to be the best but we all have it stuck in our mind that we’re not good enough. Our GPA defines us, our exams, labs defines us. We work hard to be on the top and people just think that when you’re automatically in a university, your life is set. The first year of University is tough because not everyone that made it in, makes it into their second year because the system asks you to withdraw from University after two consecutive semesters of getting a low GPA. Then you have to take a whole year to get back in unless you’re lucky and they allow you to repeat year 1 and set things right. University is not as easy as people thing.
Another thing the average University student goes through is mental instability at times. Never in my life have I ever suffered from mental breakdowns or panic attacks but this one semester, things were really hard that I had a mental breakdown and I was unable to actually function for the day. I almost had two panic attacks on separate occasions but because I prayed, it didn’t happen but I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I had tons of early classes so I was tired physically and mentally. Some of us would not admit to you but it messes with our mind. Sometimes our identity is wrapped up in us doing good that it drives us crazy when we don’t achieve what we set out to do.
Sometimes we want to take a year off but finishing in three years is our driving force not to. Sometimes we finish in four years because we want to make our lives simpler. Sometimes we take a year off just to cool our minds. It is so exhausting being a university student, sometimes we’re not as healthy as we want to be. Sometimes we don’t know how to manage our times properly. Sometimes we just want to sleep. Basically university is not a smooth sail, it is rough, very rough. It will make you cry sometimes but it is worth it. Being given an opportunity to learn and meet so many new people from different islands and countries is the most amazing opportunity ever that I probably wouldn’t trade if I can do it all over again. Being afforded the opportunity to further my education for free is a blessing that I cherish.
All in all, how I survived almost two years of University was my relationship with Jesus Christ. The only thing that have gotten me through was Jesus, honestly. My identity is not wrapped up in my education because some day that is going to fade, I may fail something sometimes but that can’t hold me back. My identity is Christ Jesus, who is the author and finisher of my faith. He is the one that got me through this madness and supplied every comfort and need that I needed when the rough waters came. I consider my privileged to know Him. If you’ve never attended University, you may not know our struggles, when we say we feel stressed don’t shut us up, just comfort and encourage us. My fellow University students, it is okay to feel stressed, it is okay to feel tired and worn but know that Jesus is there to restore and you can lean upon Him. Miss me with that “I’m too blessed to be stressed” mantra, it is not going to help me in my stress when they come. The moral of the story is, let your dependence and identity lean solely on Jesus because when everything else fails guess who doesn’t? Jesus.
Grace & Peace

Published by Brittney Harris