*It's been a while hasn't it?? I have 3 drafts that I have no inspiration for.
*Also,, this is a short story.


Reaching out slowly and carefully, I connected the paintbrush and the canvas, tracing shapes with the paint. All my focus was poured into what I was doing, trying hard not to mess up. I had a passion for painting, but I always damaged the picture in one way or another. A blot of yellow in the grass where it didn't belong. A fish accidentally swimming in the sky. Whatever the mistake, it always happened. This time, however, I was determined to make that change. 

Of course, as soon as that thought crossed my mind, I added a white cloud on the patch of grass. Frustrated, I almost threw my paintbrush - almost. The mistake had given me an idea. 

Slowly, I put the sun and the birds in the lake, the sun in the grass hiding behind clouds, and fish and seaweed dancing in the sky. When it was done, I stepped back and admired my work. It looked like how I intended, for once; a world that turned upside-down. 

Smiling, that's what I named it. "The Upside-Down World." I left the painting to dry and went to wash my hands and paintbrush. "Funny," I said aloud. "Mistakes can turn out to be helpful, after all." 

And that was the day I sold a painting of a world that exited through my failures, that existed in my imagination.

Wrongdoings aren't always wrong. 

*This didn't happen. I didn't paint anything. This is fiction, I guess. My mother just told me to write something on a piece of paper and after a while of thinking I thought of this. So I'm publishing it here. Hope you enjoyed. 

Published by Crystal Lunar