'What happens when one of the country's most popular identities goes from reading the news to being the news?

Olivia Law had always been the good girl. Great grades, perfect career, husband, house and hairdo. She'd learnt image was everything so she refused to look below the surface of her life. When not at work, her minutes were filled with causes, chairing boards and dining at fabulous restaurants with her equally fabulous husband, David. She kept up the Botox, blow-dries and worked hard. It wasn't enough, but whenever doubt crept in she'd head to a Pilates class or plan a renovation on her trophy house.

Then she turned 45.
Olivia wasn't prepared for David to leave. The fact that they hadn't had sex for two years should have triggered warning bells ... it didn't.

In an attempt to fix her broken marriage Olivia exposes herself like never before. But when her confession goes viral, the husband, house and job disappear. The woman who once offered glamorous reassurance and a steady gaze is labelled a princess of perversion. Humiliated, defeated, facing fifty shades of failure, she's left wondering who the hell she really is? Stripped bare, she abandons perfection ... and something remarkable happens.

Olivia Law just might get her sass back (and this time, it's the real thing).'

I have mixed feelings about this book.

After reading J.D. Barrett's first two books; The Secret Recipe For Second Chances and The Song Of Us, I was so excited to get my hands on this book. I think my expectations may have been too high and this book didn't live up to them.

The story was interesting and really current. As usual it was set in Australia, NSW in particular. I loved the fact that I knew and had been to most of the areas that this book took place in. It really helped me get into the feel of the characters and why they had chosen to go to or live in these areas.

The characters in this book were interesting. There was a really diverse and wide array of characters which helped to give weight and life to the story. I loved seeing the various character interact with each other and how they handled their own challenges.

My mixed feelings really just come from the feel of this book. The Heart and Soul of it. The writing was great, the characters were great and the story was great but I just didn't feel it. It was an interesting and quick read but I couldn't find any hear in it. I was expecting to love this book' to laugh, to cry and to get angry when it finished and that just didn't happen.

I don't know if my expectations were too high or if the subject matter of the book just didn't connect with me. I can see this book being a great success and much-loved by many. Unfortunately for me, whilst I liked and enjoyed it, I just didn't Love it.

The Upside Of Over by J.D. Barrett is a quick and enjoyable book that is a must read in the current climate.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker