I think that the human spirit is made to explore. Every person in this world, at some point or another, is driven to explore something simply by a mere curiosity of the subject at hand. For example, a man is walking home from work in the city and comes across an old abandoned tank in the middle of the street. Obviously, that man is going to become curious as to why that random tank is in the middle of the street. He’s also going to become curious about what is inside of the abandoned tank. Naturally, if he lets his curiosity get to him, he’s going to explore that tank and find out what it’s all about. That is the very reason that every human being on this planet has an urge to explore things all the time. What human doesn’t want to take a great adventure? What human doesn’t want to go where no other man has gone before? Our spirit is driven to discover, explore, and be free.


Some people, however, have much more pressing urges than others. Some people would just walk by the tank and not explore it. Some wouldn’t even notice it because they are too busy worrying or thinking about irrelevant things. But there are some people that would notice it and everything around it and they would stop to take a look inside. They would take the risk that maybe something bad is in that tank. They live to explore. They live to have an adventure and take risks. They live to satisfy their spirits within. They will never be fully satisfied in their life, but that’s okay. They are satisfied for little periods of time while amidst an adventure or discovery. Us humans, we are always wanting more. More of this, more of that; I believe that adventure is the only way that we can have even slightly enough.


We long to be free. We long to get away from the stresses of everyday life. Most people don’t get away, however. An adventure would be the ideal way of being free from all of the stresses of society.


Today’s youth does not take the time to go on an adventure. They don’t take the time to solve problems; they expect everything to be handed to them and solved for them. They aren’t equipped with the same burning spirit that was once present in almost every person growing up. Their imagination is gone.

Published by Lee Houghton