What is friendship to you??

Well friendship to me is being there for someone through thick and thin. I consider my true friends like my family. They are like my sisters and brothers and I will do whatever I have to do to protect them from anything or anyone who I feel means them harm rather they like it or not but in some cases you just can’t do that for some people just seem to choose to not listen and well there is not much you can do about that but “pray” and keep on moving…. I don’t have many friends but those that I do have I do my best to hold them dear to my heart when allowed and when I’m not I just politely step away. But there is one particular friend that I have bent over backwards to help and she has shown me time and time again that my friendship is not needed especially when a man is involved and now that she has a man in her life “again” I am once again pushed off to the side and this time I am done… I am no one’s part time friend... I am not a baby doll you can’t pick me up and play with me when you want and when you get a new toy I get thrown back in the closet as if I don’t exist so this toy is so done…my batteries are dead, I no longer work…

I am a great friend I will break my pockets to help those who I love and if she can’t appreciate that and she chooses to go back to someone who’s just going to lie to her and make her think things are as they are in her eyes when they really aren’t that way at all. I know that I am not God and I am not one to judge someone’s relationship but I can’t help but praying for a friend and wanting them to be as happy as I am but hey like someone told me “She won’t listen” so I guess as well all have to as kids we have to as adults… Learn from our mistakes…. <3 

I never thought that looking out for someone you care about made you a bad person. I never thought that having the back of someone you love is being a bad person. I always thought that being a friend meant you had that persons back through thick and thin and you would go through the fire for them to make sure that they were happy and getting what they deserved from beginning to end and when you see or hear something that you knew could harm them and/or their children/family that telling them was the right thing to do. I didn't know that this would make you a bad friend... I never thought that a man could determined the value of a true friendship. I never thought that having a second grade man could cause you to not be friends with someone whose been down for you and yours since day 1.  


I guess in this society the definition of being a #good #friend has changed. I guess being a good friend means when you get the information that your friends fiancé is cheating on them or that they are doing drugs that they shouldn't be doing or they are just not the person that they seem to be, telling them is just #Not being a good friend so your just supposed to sit on the sideline and watch your friend go through things that you may have the power to prevent. You may be able to prevent them from losing their peace of mine, losing their kids (if any), or even losing their place of residence.

I guess at the end of the day being a good friend is just not what society calls for anymore. Being a good friend is consistent of watching those you love self-district… It hurts but hey it is what it is…

Fuck it I’m done!

Friendship Over...

No New Friends

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