This book was better than the last!!!!

The only reason I am still reading these books is because I want to find out what is going to happen with Raul and Eleira. From the way it is going looks like she is going to have to give up the Prince and take up with the King. I really hope that does not happen because if it does I will be done reading this series.

I hope that Eleira comes into her powers and fights and gets what her and Raul, and Phillip want in life. That is my hope for this series. Now if it happens that way we will see. When Raul got hurt in this book and was on the verge of death I almost put the book down. That is how bad I want these two to end up together.

There was a lot of action, surprises, and secrets revealed in this book. Now it is onto the next to see what my couple is up too.

Thanks for reading my review.

Until Next Time: Happy Reading.

Published by Donna Morrison