Summers are always busy; like weekends that should be relaxing, but are packed with everything you can’t do on weekdays. But when the decision to move just before summer ends is finalized just before summer begins, “summer” is sucked into a vortex of sorting, packing, cleaning.

We slimmed 1,700 square feet down to 600 square feet. We were organized; each box coded and master-listed. We took just what we needed to make a home. And then we flew out to the west coast to visit family, four days after we moved in.

We’re south of the river, now, in a high-rise that has a view of the river and downtown that defies the reality that we moved here to save faster. We’re a six-minute drive (fifteen-minute bike ride, 35-minute walk) from the office, and a four-minute drive from church. I love my terrace garden. We’re home.

But I think my thank you cards ended up in a storage unit box.

Published by Bethany Lansing