'Vietnam was the battleground for a bloody, attritional conflict playing out at the height of the Cold War, when Southeast Asia was the proxy theatre in the struggle between the superpowers. A Soviet-backed Communist regime held the north of the divided land, while America convinced that the countries of the region would fall domino-style to Communism if left unchecked threw its might behind South Vietnam. For over a decade the US Government provided aid and advisors. In 1965, with defeat looming, American troops poured in. Prosecuting a distant war against guerrilla forces proved beyond even the West's great superpower. Casualties mounted, support ebbed away, morale slumped. American troops finally departed after a peace deal was signed in 1973, ending a war long deemed unwinnable. Two years later, South Vietnam fell.'

This book was awesome.

I was a little worried about this book before going into it. I was mostly concerned about how graphic the photographs and information was going to be. As a Military History book, I was unsure as to the level of confronting images I was going to be exposed to. It turns out I needn't have worried.

The photographs in this book were amazing and thankfully non graphic. They showed the Vietnam War from start to finish without using horrific images to shock the reader.

I have read a fair few books about the Vietnam War and Military History in general, and I really believe that this book can hold its own with the others I have read.

This book is a quick read, that is filled with amazing photographs, newspaper articles and great information that informs the reader without overwhelming them.

This book is the perfect starting point to introduce a reader to the Vietnam War or Military History in general. The images are wonderful and not graphic and the information is easy to understand.

The Vietnam War by Robert Hamilton is a must read for everyone.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker