On June 12, 2016, I started a Vlog Project. I film my everyday happenings when I want it. I want to try doing this every day. Although, I won’t post my videos up on the web. It will be a personal journal of mine.

From the first vlog down to what I have right now, I can honestly say that I’m having fun. Since everyone around me has been busy, I talk to a camera. I know that sounds weird but I find it loads of fun. I get to share my opinion, record my family and myself. The best part is I get to watch my videos for the day.

I want to see how far I can go and know what I can learn from this. I want to do this for the remaining days of my summer vacation. I want to look back and see what happened in the past days or weeks. I want to record even the tiniest bit of detail in my life. Even if it’s the time I fix my hair to eating a new kind of bread (yeah, I really have clips of that). I’ll record as much as I can.

Compiling all of the videos I got makes me get to my laptop and edit everything immediately. It’s like having a reality show of your own. Every part of the smallest clip give me smiles. Even if I look haggard in the videos because of bed hair or not covering up my eye bags. I feel like I get to see the real me.

My sister and I feel natural as we film ourselves without a script. We actually produce so much natural and funny clips. I don’t allow any scripted scenes because I want to see the real us on camera.

I was never comfortable talking to a camera but I have been recording my cousins and I ever since I was in First Year high school. My tablet is always in one corner with the video recorder on. For the whole time it would be there on standby while we watch television, jump on the bed, or even playing a silly round of table tennis. Watching those videos always leave us smiling.

I’ll try my best to continue The Vlog Project.

I’ll update on this when I can! Comment down below if you have ever tried vlogging yourself. I would love to hear your stories.

Published by Meryl Shie