When looking into the use of voice search, there is no denying that it has rapidly expanded. With smart home devices as well as Google Assistant and Siri on mobile phones, it is becoming second nature to search using your voice as opposed to typing. In this article, we will be looking into how your business can prepare for the voice search revolution wither you opt for the help of an Essex digital marketing agency or complete the tasks yourself.  

BERT Algorithm Update 

Though voice search has been slowly introduced in recent years, the most recent BERT algorithm update is reason to suggest that Google is preparing businesses of all sizes for the sudden influx of voice-powered searches. With the algorithm update favouring a more conversational tone for all content, this is what is needed to optimise content for voice search. The more conversational and factually correct the content is, the more likely you are to play into these changes and benefit in an increase in ranking as a result. 

Optimising For Local SEO

Local SEO is also a sure-fire way to prepare your business for the voice search revolution as “near me” keywords are highly beneficial for the growth of a business. In addition to this, optimising a Google My Business profile can help to bring awareness to the company as well as ensure that it shows up in when a near me search term is Googled. Though this can take time to fully optimised this, you can begin to see immediate results in both footfall and website visits over the course of the first month. 

Optimising Site Speed 

Site speed is crucial for a website when optimising for SEO, but it is crucial when searching via voice. People want the relevant information as quickly as possible and optimising the site speed can ensure that is the result you receive. Site speed can be optimised in a number of different ways such as compressing images and refining the website coding to boost speed. This is key to the success of businesses as the faster the website loads, the more likely you are to see a reduction on bounce rate as well as a high session duration. 

Mobile-Friendly Is Key 

Having mobile optimised content is crucial when looking to fully capitalise on voice search results as a majority of voice search takes place on mobile devices. If you do not have a mobile optimised website, you are then missing out on a large proportion of your target audience. By ensuring that your content is fully optimised, and the site is designed to work with any device, you are much more likely to see success when it comes to the Google rankings. Though it can take time to build a mobile optimised website, this will subsequently help to boost the return of investment for your business. 

With this in mind, there are a number of ways that you can prepare your business for the 2020 voice search revolution without having to spend a small fortune on alterations to the website and other web pages. Where will you start with your voice search optimisation plan? 


Published by Samantha Brown