I know that when the wall came down
I was too young to comprehend
The severity of separation
Between brothers, sisters, lovers, and friends
Torn apart by a mental institution
Manifested into a symbol of hate

With every piece that broke apart
You could see the hearts mend
In a collaborative sigh of relief
Melting into one another, like a soup
Simmering to its full potential
Until they stepped away

Never again may we see another wall
Erected with the support of resistance
To a common thread or type of people
Unless we begin to bend the mold
Building a safe haven constructed to save
And once again cut away from others

Maybe one day the divide will become real
In the aftermath of one man's struggle
To stand above all, like the towers he built
Slowly towering in a fictional power
We as a people have given away carelessly
And watch as we surrender to the divide evermore.

Published by Bryn Montgomery