“Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.” 1. Tim 6:12

shutterstock_102786296Sometimes life is like this, we find ourself in situations we just cant control. And God allows this to happen. God allows us to suddenly become without a job, suddenly to be struck with sickness, suddenly to have a problem that shakes our world to the core. He has a reason for allowing this and its not what we think. Its not because He is bad or evil or wants to punish us, it is because we are at war right now and it would be irresponsible of Him if He did not do this.

When you got saved you died with Jesus Christ. You used to be a child of the devil (John 8:44) headed for hell. Satan had nothing against you before you where saved, he did not see you as a threat belonging to him. He knew you did what he wanted you to do, you lied, you hated, you stole and broke Gods law and you was ok with it. You did nothing back then to advance the kingdom of God, you where an enemy of God headed for hell.

But one day, one glorious day, the Holy Spirit worked on your heart and revealed to you your need to be reconciled to God. On that glorious day you decided to believe, to believe Jesus died for your sins. At that moment you died with Jesus on the cross, you became buried with Jesus and raised with Him to a new life seated with Him at the Fathers right hand in heaven. But that was also the day you got an enemy that hates you and everything about you. Your old father, the devil, hates you now and he is hell bent on ruining your life and doing everything he can to destroy you.

He knows he has legal right to attack you, destroy you and hurt you real bad if your faith is wrong. Your old father the devil and his demons was defeated at the cross. When Jesus died for your sins He defeated and stripped the devil and his demons of all their power. Jesus Christ made a public spectacle of the one who is the father of all evil in this world. And this really angered the devil. (Col 2:15, Rev 12:11) But he cant do anything about it. He lost the battle at the cross and he cant do anything about it, he has to accept it.

shutterstock_336511811-4What happened when you got saved? You made the choice to believe. God did not force you to believe, He did not believe for you. You believed, you made the choice to die with Jesus, be buried with Him and raised with Him. You made the choice that said “yes, I want to be reconciled to God”. It happened this way because God created you with the ability to choose for yourself.

A long time ago Adam and Eve used their free will to make the wrong choice. They decided against God and for satan. After this had happened God did not kick satan out of heaven. Satan still has access to heaven, why we do not know. But we know that one day in the near future, he will be kicked out of heaven once and for all. We know at that day he will come down to earth and live here for a short time before God Himself throws him into the lake of fire where he will stay for ever. (Job 1:6, Luk 10:18, Rev 12:9, 20:10)

Right now while you are reading this satan has lost the battle. But he still has access to heaven and he is still very dangerous. (1.Pet 5:8) He is not dangerous to those of us who choose each and every day to believe Jesus died for us. (Rev 12:11) Our only protection against satan is the cross and the blood of Jesus. That is what defeated him, and that is where our victory over satan is. Our faith in the cross and the blood of Jesus. But what happens if our faith strays from the cross? We become a sitting duck for satan, an easy prey and a very real target for somebody who hates us to the very core of our beings because we used to belong to him.

Do you see why it is so important our faith remains strong and our faith remains focused on the cross of Jesus Christ?

We used to belong to satan, but one day we made the choice to be reconciled to God by believing Jesus died for our sins. Now we belong to Jesus, He is our Lord. We have become children of God by making that decision. (John 3:16). But there is one who wants us back, the one who used to be our father. And he is making every attempt possible to achieve that goal.

He cant do anything as long as our faith stays focused on the one thing that stripped him of all his power, the cross. But he can make every attempt possible to trick us into shifting our faith away from the cross. If he is able to trick us into believing on something other the cross, he has tricked us into sinning against God. But we have to choose each and every day to believe on the cross of Jesus Christ. And how could we do that if our faith was never tested?

This is why God allows things to happen in our lives. This is why God allows sickness, poverty, and things that shakes our world to the core. Not because He hates us or because He is evil. No not at all. He allows these things to happen to us because He needs to test our faith. To make sure our faith remains focused on the cross at all times because He knows what happens if the devil can trick us into believing something else.

shutterstock_100199324So often we find ourself trusting in anything but the cross. We feel confident the Lord will help us today because we have read our bible, because we have prayed or because we have tithed. All of that are good things, things we ought to be doing. But our confidence should not be in these things, our confidence should be in the fact that Jesus died for us. We are Christian because Jesus died for us, not because we have a bible, we pray or we tithe. And if we lost the Bible, we where unable to pray and we had no money to give, we would still be Christians.

But if our confidence shifts God has to do something to shake our world so we can come back to the cross. If our confidence has shifted to how much we read our bible, how much we pray or we tithe God has to allow a situation where we will be unable to read, unable to pray and without money to give. He has to allow this because we need His help to see how these things have become idols in our lives. He has to allow these things to bring us back to what is important, what is our only protection, the cross of Christ.

If God did not do these things we would soon have done what Adam and Eve did. We would make the wrong choice and be back where we once used to be, with our old father the devil headed for hell.

If our confidence has shifted to our health, wealth, marriage, nation or family God will allow these things to be shaken. He might even remove them from our lives. He might take away our health, wealth and even our marriage for a time to help us see how wrong we are when our confidence is no longer in the cross. And He might even allow our nation to be destroyed if our faith and confidence is in our nation and not the cross.

The alternative is much worse, the alternative would be the loss of our soul and we would be headed for hell.

So God has to allow bad things to happen to us sometimes because we have fallen into a dangerous slumber. We have become so confident in our idols that we do no longer see we are headed for hell. So He has to shake us to awaken us and He does it out of love for us.

Does this mean we will never ever have a problem if our faith stays focused on the cross at all times?

No not at all. Because when our faith remains on the cross the battle shifts. Its no longer about where we put our trust and confidence. Now its become personal, so now the devil attacks even harder. Now its no longer trying to trick us into shifting our focus, now its a matter of revenge because the devil knows we are safe. But he is so blinded with hate he will try his best to scare us into shifting our focus. So now its no longer God testing our faith to make it strong, now its an open war and war can be brutal sometimes. Especially when your enemy is pure evil.

When your faith is focused on the cross the devil turns up the heat. And he is allowed to do so. Exactly why we do not know, but what we do know is this. We have nothing to fear. If our faith is focused we have nothing to fear because he is already defeated at the cross. (Rev 12:11, John 3:16)

He is already defeated at the cross, but God will not do the fighting for us. We have been given the only weapon that works, and that is our faith in the finished work of Christ. Our faith in Jesus Christ dying for our sins. Our faith in the cross being enough for everything in life. And now we are called to take up our weapon and fight the good fight of faith at all times, no matter what happens. (1.Tim 6:12)

shutterstock_102786296I do not know what you are facing today. But I do know this, God is in control of the situation. And as soon as you choose to come back to the cross, and only the cross, He will stop the test of your faith. So if you want life to be better right now you have to give up all those things that are not of God, all those idols in your life which He is shaking right now to awaken you.

And when you do come back to the cross He will give you everything you need. But best of all, He will give you the only weapon that works. Your faith in the cross and the blood. (Rev 12:11)

But now you have to make the choice to fight with it, to take up your cross and fight the devil. Not with what you have, not with things you can do, but with what He Jesus Christ has already done on your behalf. (1.Tim 6:12)

Yesterday when I went to work I had no guarantee my brother in law would give us our paycheck. Things could have happened that is beyond my control. He could have been sick and not able to do it that day, he could have forgotten last month to garnish our wages so he had to do double this month. And all through the day I had two choices. To believe and trust in the idols of my life which is money and my brother in law. Or to believe and trust in what Jesus has already done for me at the cross.

So I made the choice to believe in and trust in what Jesus has already done for me. But then the devil turned up the heat on the war, and all through the day I had these strange thoughts that came to mind and fear always followed. Thoughts like “he has forgotten do do the paycheck today, you have no money this month, you will be broke, this will not work, he is mad at you and he has decided to punish you by not giving you this months paycheck, what a fool and an idiot you are unable to manage your money”. And I have to admit, it was easy to give into those thoughts, those lies from the devil. But I chose not to, I chose to fight.

So instead of giving in to them I chose to believe that I am dead, I am dead with Jesus Christ. Each and every time those thoughts stopped and left me. And I was filled with a beautiful peace and joy.

At the end of the day my brother in law did give me this months paycheck, he had not forgotten to garnish so it was big enough for us to make it one more month. We have enough, more then enough actually for rent, food and what we need. It was not big enough to pay the ministries expenses, but I am not worried about that.

I just choose to fight, I choose to be dead with Christ.

So make sure to fight because He has already won the victory on the cross for us.

Published by Apostle Ernie