Last night I had this horrible sleepless night where I couldn't sleep for a good 3 hours, well it wasn't a total waste I suppose. 

I think this blog is like my repository of me trying to sell these infernal hand spinners. A week into making and marketing them I've done a solid 0 sales, I'm not really that disheartened as I've had a few favourites and I'm just not that angry. But I do keep having thoughts about selling an inferior product. I'm pricing plastic ones at £10, there's tonnes at this price point or less and honestly I can't have that many discernible things better than them. I thought better marketing was the answer but I doubt even that can save a not incredible product. 

Last night as I lay awake I thought to myself: "am I doing this for the art or money" perhaps it wasn't exactly worded like that and that's some post thought elaboration but it was something to that effect. 

Honestly I don't really care about making my own design - who cares about that, this isn't my visionary baby that I will sacrifice everything for - I just don't have that much passion for this. What got me into this was that I thought it was a niche with little competition and the ability to blow up. The custom design was to set myself apart, not because God gave me a mission to make a funny looking thing. 

The answer as I thought up in my bed that night was dropshipping. I'd read about it a lot and I have this one memory from about a year ago when I sat in blackwells and heard this woman asking for a book on the subject and I thought it was a strange little idea. What it is is that you act as the third party intermediary, you accept payments from one party, give to the supplier who sends the product immediately to the consumer. All you do is take your cut of the profit before passing on the payment.

In the financial markets course there's this thing called arbitrage where you buy a stock cheap in one market and sell it in another for more. This is impossible as it would be immediately destroyed by market mechanisms but this seems just like what is described - by acting as the third party I can take a cut for almost no work. I just provide English translations and a nice website and everything is sorted. 

It still needs work and marketing and whatever but honestly this was a revolutionary idea I had, asking the question of where I wanted art or money and whilst I probably answered wrong money let's you do your art so I'll put that in. 

The idea is cool but I still need to execute. Execution and the speed as I've realised from this is probably the only thing needed to succeed and its what do many people - including myself fail to realise. 

I am a little pissed I tried to make my own design first, it was a waste of hours and money but I suppose it's just a learning experience that I should look at my original goal and working towards that at all times. 

I wrote this two days ago and I remembered what I actually thought that night. I need to make the money so I can do my own art. I build an audience and capital using this company then commission my own. It is still the art that inspires me but sometimes the art must be sacrificed in order to be realised. 

Published by Kevin Li