A hybrid bike is a versatile bike that helps rider to rides on various terrains and conditions. It offers comfortable riding position of a mountain bike and hybrid bike. Hybrid bike saves your money and save the environment too. There are different types of hybrid bikes available on the market. Some bikes look like mountain bike while others sit closer to the road bike type. But what you should look for to buy the right hybrid bike for you? Below we look at the features and some standards of a hybrid bike that will help you to buy the right bike.


Things to Consider Before Buying Best Hybrid Bike


To buy the right hybrid bike you have to consider certain things that will help you to buy the right bike. You have to consider the factors like features, components, how and where you want to ride the bike. What more? There are hybrid bikes for men and hybrid bikes for women. Below are the important things about a hybrid bike that will help you to make the wise decision.

Wheel Size:

Wheel size is an important factor that you should keep in mind when buying your bike. The size of the wheel can make difference of your bike. Wheel size affects bike speed and roll-ability. Most of the hybrid bikes have a standard 700c wheel that is suitable for any type of terrain. This type of wheel is perfect for riding on different pavements, small bumps, and cracks on the road. Some bikes have 26-inch wheels which are smaller than 700c wheels. 26-inch wheels are ideal for riding faster.

So, choosing the right wheel size should not be a problem for you. Also, you can buy tires to get the right wheel that fits your riding style. Good hybrid bikes have tires a bit wider than a road bike. Choose anywhere between 28c to 42c.

Frame Material:

Most of the hybrid bikes come with aluminum frame. Also, carbon fiber and steel are also common frame materials. Among them, aluminum is the most durable and affordable. Steel is going to make the bike heavier but provides smooth ride. It is also more rigid than aluminum. Carbon fiber is the strongest material. If you have a lot of money on budget the carbon fiber is the best choice for you. Also, you should buy a frame that has many customizable options. It should include mounts for water bottles, mudguards.

Gear Options:

Hybrid bikes normally come with various gear options. The number of gears can range from one up to 30. The more the gears the more the components. When selecting gears you should keep two things in mind and they are your fitness level and the type of terrain you are gonna ride your bike. If you are planning to ride on hills and climbs then you will need high number of gears. But if you intend to ride on flat terrain then you won’t need as many gears. Some hybrid bikes have only one speed and they are typically named single speed bikes. These bikes are ideal for coasting.

Suspension system:

There are many hybrid bikes that come with front suspension system whereas others have none. Suspension system adds weight and makes pedaling less efficient. Hybrid bikes without suspension are perfect for smooth streets.

Some hybrid bikes with urban style come with front suspension fork. The front suspension helps to absorb impact you feel during the ride on rough terrain.


Brake is an important part of any bike that you should consider. Most hybrid bikes have rim brakes that feature pads to help you slow down the bike. It is very easy to monitor, economical and easy to replace. Moreover, disc brakes are gaining popularity because like rim brake them also have a pad. There are two version of disc brake and they are hydraulic disc brake and mechanical disc brake. Hydraulic disc brake is stronger than mechanical disc brake. Disc brakes have a lot of advantage and superior performance than rim brake.

Handlebar Shape:

The shape of the handlebar depends on the riding style of the bike. There are two types of handlebars available on a hybrid bike. They are drop bars and flat bars. Drop bars handlebar is lightweight and flat bar handlebar offers more relaxed riding position. You may visit BestBikePicks.com for different types of bikes and bike accessories.


Depending on what you are going to use the bike for you should consider the accessories you can add to the bike. If the bike allows you then you can add cargo racks & fenders. These are perfect for allowing you to increase the space you can carry your things when you riding the bike. Fender will allows you to protect the tire from curbs and other edges during the ride. A bike rack will help you to keep larger bag in front of you which is good if you ride around a lot of time.


There are many factors you should consider when you choose the best hybrid bike for you. In above we have tried to discuss most of them briefly. Before buying one consider the factors we discussed above and ensure you get the right bike that fit your size.

Published by Taslima Akter