My story & vision...

My name is Patrick Colton.  I am a portrait artist  and wellness recovery advocate in Portland, Maine .  I am also a co-occurring consumer and cancer survivor.

" I have dealt with addiction and mental illness for most of my life. For many years I self-medicating to control the fire inside my head, not understanding root cause."

" Spending the last 20 years trying to find my place in the recovery community has been very difficult for me, as most traditional 12-step methods did not address any of my mental health issues, trauma, or cancer. I needed a way to express my other issues to compliment my 12 step program, other than just the traditional methods such as therapy.

Wellness through art will allow peers to express themselves in creative, positive, rewarding, and lasting ways with others through art as peers, combining the missing pieces of support to compliment the 12 step programs  and understanding of these challenges that we face."

Anyone is welcome. All that is required is a desire to create, share, and express your inner self, that beautiful thing arts of any kind bring out in people. Music, singing, poetry, pastel, etc. The vision is to bring us together in love and understanding, without judgment of any kind."

" Sharing my art with other cancer patients and having them participate showed me how beneficial it can be for any form of pain, suffering or isolation. It heals mentally, physically, and spiritually. "

" I found I had an ability with pastels at a time when I was struggling with my life. It helped me tremendously with my Wellness and recovery.

I am asking for assistance to get this dream of mine to provide a way for people to enjoy and explore all art forms with other peers and open communication for those of us who deal with both mental illness and addiction, cancer, and stress or trauma of any kind.

My experience:
Electronic engineering degree.
Analyst for Unisys Corporation.
I.T. manager for Unum Provident.

P.C. Consulting & Networking, Owner/Consultant.
Certified Mental health tech.
Med management. 
Intentional peer support Cert.
Dept. Of human health services training.
Certified ESL tutor for Literacy Volunteers.

Current projects:
Wellness and recovery advocate.
Oil pastel portrait artist.
Art workshops being are already being held this year:

Amistad, Parkside community center, Cancer Community Center, Portland recovery center and others being negotiated.

Please help me to reach or share this goal at:
If you can help by volunteering or have any thoughts or art to share please email at link below.

Thank you for sponsoring and/or supporting the vision of wellness through art,

Patrick Colton, Artist, Writer, Wellness Recovery Advocate.


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