On Tuesday a US air strike killed 85 innocent civilians, some were children. It was called a mistake - they thought these innocent families were Islamic State fighters. 

All killings of innocent people is a devastating tragedy, resulting in families destroyed, grief and promising lives being stolen. This was not an accident, you cannot call the killing of 85 people an accident.

The double standards which appear when a western warhead kills innocent lives in a Muslim country are just inexcusable. There was barely any news coverage of this attack and the response was no better than 'oops!' 

How come when a Muslim Country loses innocent lives at the hands of western people there is no mention of 'terrorism', how come when Syrian parents have to bury their children, they get no closure for their precious lives -they were killed in an accident? Syrian lives are not worth any less than western lives. Attacks like these are the exact reason why  young people join up to a terror group which hates the west. 

And when devastation, death and pain hit these innocent civilians at the hands of western weapons, people will then actually then feel like they can deny them the right to find safety in different countries, in western countries. Innocent Muslim lives being lost need to be recognised as just as precious and valuable as those lost in Western countries.  

Published by Katie Anderton