This beautiful hard cover book documents Australian soldiers on the Western Front (1916-1918) during Would War 1. The Western Front was the single greatest wartime tragedy, more Australians lost their lives in one or two battles on the Western Front than the entire Gallipoli Campaign.

Using photographs taken by official war photographers and soldiers alike, The Western Front looks at major battles, soldiers living conditions and other unbelievable war-time situations.

The collection of photographs featured in this book is fantastic. Many of the photos in this book were taken by soldiers; even though personal photography was strictly forbidden during World War 1. These soldier photographs give a whole different dimension to the war than the official War photographs from the Western Front.

Peter Cochrane has done a fantastic job with this book. The arrangement of the photographs, the background information on the pictured situations and the photographers really enhance this book.

My only negative on this book is with some of the written information; the diary entries and letters home were difficult to read due to the font they were printed in. The other written information was printed in a different font and was easy to read and really interesting.

On a whole this book is a haunting and heartbreaking snap shot of Australians on The Western Front. The images will definitely stay with me.

I highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in Australian History, war or photography.

The Western Front by Peter Cochrane is a must read and a definite keeper.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker