With all the twists and turns the media takes us through when it comes to how they desire to have a person viewed by the public, I can't help but to ask myself, "what if that was me?"

I wonder what story the media would paint of me.... Would they dig into my past and find pictures of my 15-17 year old self posing with money, a grill, and Jordan's? Would they dig up photos of my 18-22 year old self that went to clubs, wore short tight dresses, and leak information of me failing the same class two times? Or would they show me as I am now? A wife, a graduate student that makes straight A's, and an outspoken Christian that wouldn't stand for any sort of systematic oppression?

Sad thing is, I've thought about this numerous times. When I'm driving down the highway in my husband's car that's darkly tinted, when I pull up next to a police car at a red light, and many other instances. The thing is, I DO NOT WANT TO FEAR ANYTHING OUTSIDE OF CHRIST. I refuse to. I absolutely refuse to. Yet fear is the very thing that is being embedded into us with every hashtag and video that surfaces. It's a reality that we are forced to put ourselves in. Random thoughts of "what if" begins to plague us. "What if that was my husband/father/boyfriend/brother/son/nephew" "What if that was my wife/mother/girlfriend/sister/daughter/niece". For some that "what if" became a reality and in turn fear, division, and hatred has taken root.

The burden of these "what if's" are heavy and I thank God that my faith is in eternity with Him and not where man could put me.

Published by Alona Armour