What sound is that?
  What reverberates to my ears?
    Who whispers unknown words?
      Whose presence can I feel around?

Who are you, O silent companion?
  Why are you not visible to my eye?
    What is it you tell in between your sobs?
      Where are you? I can feel you closer!

Those soft words keep falling into my ear,
  Since I came into this new haven,
    They've kept me wondering and baffled,
      The pale and gloomy walls, tell me nothing.

While that mirror in the corner of the room,
  With carvings of flowers and lovers,
    Entices me, pulls me towards it unmistakably,
      I need to pull off that white sheet which enshrouds it.

 Who are you? What happened to you here?
   I look straight and keenly 'cause you resemble me scarily.

     For, your eyelids are fixed, no way to open them.
      Your lips too are like glued together tightly.

     Then I realized, that too wasn't the difference,
       I was the same as you, O friend in mirror.

  I may have eyes and lips to see and tell, 
          But I use them rarely, turning blind and dumb.

    So, what is the difference if you are in that realm,
       We both are the same, in and out, soul less twins!

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Published by Syeda F R