Well here I am again beatches; I was in bed but I could keep my mind quiet, is really difficult to accomplish that lately and more after this weekend; I've been in belgium almost 9 months and I had the second encounter with the uncomfortable racism. The first one was a year and something ago, but it was not a face to face thing, I just found out things that was said about me and behind my back... and although I was a bit shocked, it was not so terrible. As we said in colombia "eyes that doesnt see, heart that doesn't feel" and in that case ears that doesn't hear. It was a good weekend, almost perfect if the black spot didn't show up.

beatches!! normally I can defend myself very well against homophobia, racism, and any other attacks this crazy and ignorant world have to offer, but is difficult to do it when you don't speak the language, and gosh!!! ... I did feel very frustrated when it happened again this weekend; damn it... I need to learn dutch soon.
It was a lovely morning, me and my partner decided to go out to buy few things we needed to finish to organize our cost terrace; so we took his bike and we borrowed one for me to we could. go together. In the way back, ratified about our item.and enjoying the nice weather and the activity... we had to stop at the traffic light next to the bicycle road till the red light disappear and we could continue our fun ride... till it happens...

Like in this twilight movies, where you a shadow approaching, but you don't know what really is, and more when you are focus in your own moment... I turned my head and I saw her, and old woman, white hair and grandma clothes from the 90's screaming something; In my ingenuity I though she was saying to us to cross over because there where not care coming... but, then I saw my partner's face shocked and angry at the same time, and screaming back to her; And the I knew that something said was not good at all, that it was gonna hurt, but that I need it to know.

I asked him... what was that, I knew he for a moment doubted to tell but he knows I can handle the true. He told me... - She said, because you are black, you think you can stand in the bicycle road?? - damn!!!

Ok, let's face it... Lol, am black beatches!!! Dah! But am also a person, am over reacting? or you, as me, think that it was an ugly and racist phrase?

 Puff!!! Years living in colombia, a country where racism exist, but this is the first time that I hear words like that directed to me. So, one of my first fears of coming to Europe we to reality...  Lol, am not a virgin racism anymore; and although is just a minority of people that is still living in hittler's time, am sure that is not gonna be the last time I will have an experience like this.

So, this message is for the white racist Belgian bitch... I wish she could read it!!!

 first thanks for noticing my fabulous color, and second I hope you racist dry and rotten body and your brainless head learn a ittle bit more of respect, education and humanity. People is more than skin color...But souls is another thing, and at the end, it's better to have another skin color than a black soul like yours.


By juan c lenis

Published by BEATCHES by Juan.C.Lenis